Turning Hurts into Halos and Scars into Stars


Turning Hurts into Halos and Scars into Stars

Turning Hurts into Halos will lead you to the foot of the cross, where Jesus´suffering was turned into salvation, where HIS crown of thorns was turned into a crown of glory, and where your own tragedies will be turned into triumphs.

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„No person escapes all hurts, whether deserved or undeserved. This book is about adversity that is on the of disaster. But I make a promise: Every hurt is surrounded by a halo, and every cross can be turned into a crown.“
Dr. Robert H. Schuller

This encouraging, illuminating, practical program tells you how to overcome pain in your life by facing it fearlessly. There’s no doubt that life can be tough and unfair, but Dr. Schuller, the world’s premier positive thinker, tells you how to rise above adversity and find new hope and true happiness. Discussing some of the hurtful events in his own life, Dr. Schuller provides intimate examples of how you can make it through difficult times, emerge victorious, and help others who are in need.

Billy Graham:

„Robert Schuller´s newest book can give hope and new life through Christ´s transforming power to all who have been crushed by disappointment and heartache.“

Larry King:

„Robert Schuller´s newest book is his best ever. He brilliantly shows how you can turn minuses into pluses – and it works.“


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Mai 1999


Thomas Nelson Publishers